Hook Foot is a brother of Hook Hand from Disney's 2010 Tangled film.


Tangled: The Series

His debut was in "What the Hair?!" when Eugene came to the Snuggly Duckling and realized that Hook Hand wasn't around, only to be told he was away touring the world. Hook Foot makes several minor appearances alongside the other Pub Thugs.

He was present at the opening of Attila's new bakery in "One Angry Princess", when Attila was arrested for vandalizing Monty's sweet shop, Hook Foot was gathered at the Snuggly Duckling with the other thugs by Rapunzel, hoping to find someone who could vouch for him. Unfortunately, Hook Foot and the other thugs could not give her a truthful alibi.

In "Big Brothers of Corona", Eugene and Lance were tasked to watch over two little thieves nicknamed Angry and Red. When they failed at their first attempt to get through to them, they brought them to see Hook Foot, hoping he could scare some sense into them, which ultimately backfired. The girls broke loose and tormented Hook Foot by stealing his hook foot.