Mother Gothel was the primary main antagonist of Disney's 2010 animated feature film, Tangled.


Physical Appearance

Gothel, in the show has appeared as her old and young self. In her young form, she looks middle-aged. She has long, wavy dark black hair with gray highlights and frizzes. She wears the same clothes as in the movie as well. She wears her red dress and cloak. As her older self, Gothel hunches over and conceals most of her physical features with her black cloak. Her hair as an old woman is much more gray and her skin, as expected is much more wrinkled and paler.



Gothel is the main villain of the feature film. Her goal during the movie is to keep Rapunzel safely stowed away in her secret tower so she can greedily hoard the powers of the magical sundrop flower. Gothel had used the flower for centuries before, but when the Corona guards brought the flower to King Frederic, Gothel had to sneak into the castle to get the source of her youth back once more.

Tangled: Before Ever After

Gothel makes a cameo appearance in one of Rapunzel's paintings during the prologue scene. She is mentioned because Eugene is currently speeding through a quick summary of the events of Tangled. This prologue parallels the one in the feature film.
Old Gothel
Other than her brief cameo, Gothel is also alluded to a few times.

When King Frederic and Queen Arianna are discussing why he's so overprotective with Rapunzel, Frederic mentally flashes back to the night Gothel broke into the castle and kidnaps Rapunzel.

During the movie's climax during Rapunzel's coronation, the antagonistic Lady Caine warns Rapunzel that "she has no idea who she's dealing with." Rapunzel retorts, "Believe me, I've dealt with much worse," referring back to the Gothel's treatment at the end of the feature film.

Tangled: The Series

In the episode What the Hair?!, Gothel appears in a nightmare had by Rapunzel. After sadistically bragging about her supposed return, Gothel summons the thorn-like rocks that appeared on the night Rapunzel's hair mysteriously returned.

Gothel takes notice of the hair and suggests that she and Rapunzel return to the tower where the latter will be "safe". Rapunzel abruptly wakes from the nightmare, though it prompts her to learn more about her revived hair.

During the latter half of the first season (specifically in The Alchemist Returns and Secret of the Sun Drop) Eugene bursts out at King Frederic for his treatment of his own daughter. To Eugene, Frederic is treating Rapunzel no better than how Gothel acted towards her. Frederic, like Gothel, has lied and suppressed Rapunzel's free spirit. The most eerily similar act to Gothel's is when Frederic locks Rapunzel in the tallest tower of the castle for her "saftey." Rapunzel would eventually come to discover the difference between the two, however, as Frederic's actions were out of love, whereas Gothel's were out of selfishness.


  • Gothel is the only person to have seen the creation of the mystical Sundrop Flower.