Nigel is a recurring character in Tangled: The Series and in particularly, acts as the royal advisor to King Frederic.



Nigel is seen as a proud man as he kept his true accent a secret, to make him sound noble, and getting upset when he is ignored. Indicating that he likes being notice and having attention on him. He is also shown to a observant, as he knew of the true report of Old Corona's crops. He seems to have a strong distrust of Varian, even before Varian's path to the dark begins.

Physical Appearance

Nigel is a tall slim man with long brown hair that is tied back with a yellow ribbon, the shade of his hair is the color as his eyes. He also has a large-like nose. The uniform that he wears is a red coat with a white shurt.

Role in the Tangled: The Series

Nigel first appears in a non-speaking role in the episode In Like Flynn, where he is seen alongside the Captain as King Frederic contemplates on how best to one-up his rival, King Trevor.

In One Angry Princess, as the Courtroom Deputy standing beside King Frederic and Queen Arianna as Attila the Pub Thug is put on trial for vandalism. When Rapunzel expresses Attila's right to a fair trial, Nigel informs King Frederic that she is correct.

In The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth, Nigel visits King Frederic's quarters during a storm that has blocked all the roadways in Corona, preventing travel. Unfortunately, this prevents Rapunzel from returning home during her outing, which leaves Frederic in a depressed and worried state, which garners Nigel's sympathy.

In The Way of the Willow, where Queen Arianna's estranged sister visits Corona for the first time in years, and apparently knows Nigel rather well.

When King Frederic and Queen Arianna left Rapunzel in charge of Corona while they were away in "Queen for a Day", Nigel helps the temporary queen with her royal duties. When a heavy snow storm hits Corona Nigel advised Rapunzel that they should move the people to the main land until the storm passes, as Rapunzel thought of his surjection Varian came into the castle to ask Rapunzel for help in Old Corona village while the people in the kingdom needed her more. As Varian grabbed the princess, as he bagged her for help, Nigel jumped to the conclusion that the young alchemist was attacking Rapunzel and got the guards, Pete and Stan, to send him away.

In Not in the Mood, the mood potion fog had caused Nigel to laugh uncontrollably until the effects of the potion wore off.


  • Nigel usually speaks with a British accent, but he has an American accent in nature.


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