Rudiger is a recurring character in the first season of Tangled: The Series. Rudiger is currently owned by Varian, whom which is his pet. Despite the path that his owner's anger was blatantly leading him down, Rudiger chose to remain at Varian's side.


Physical appearance

Rudiger has monochrome fur and a long striped tail, like all raccoons. Rudiger is seen as a chubby one, with green eyes and only has one tooth, which is only seen when his mouth is opened.

When under the influence of Varian's formula, the raccoon became larger than a human while his fur turned brown. His eyes turned white, and his formerly small teeth and claws become sharper and longer, which made him look ferocious. He also had odd blister-like patches on his elbows and knees.


Rudiger enjoys eating apples, spending time with his young owner and friend, Varian and getting attention from him. Initially appearing as a sluggish pest, Rudiger evolved with his screentime. When Varian became a villain bent on destroying Rapunzel, Rudiger proved his nobility by actively working with the royal family to foil Varian's schemes. Though fearful, Rudiger never became spiteful towards his master; he believes that Varian will someday regain his conscience and compassion, evidenced by his choosing to remain by Varian's side after the alchemist was arrested.

When Rudiger was under the influence of Varian's formula, the raccoon became violent towards the people that came near him. The formula buried Rudiger's kind, sweet, and friendly nature and brought out an untameable, wild, and vicious side to the raccoon.


In Queen for a Day, As the number of the black rocks grew to the point of destroying the mainland village of Old Corona, Varian consults his concerns and theories of the rocks with Rudiger before taking matter into his own hands. When Varian starts down on his path of revenge against Rapunzel and Corona for turning their backs on him while his father is encased in amber, Rudiger hides under a bench as he could sense what Varian's betrayed feelings were slowing turning him into. He became Varian's only companion after Quirin was trapped and with the rest of the villagers abandoning the black rock-covered village.

In The Alchemist Returns He accompanies Varian on his task to obtain the Sun Drop flower from Corona, the duo also journeys through Der Soone's underground tunnels with Rapunzel and Pascal beside them.

In Secret of the Sun Drop, Varian uses one of his chemical formulas to turn Rudiger into a large, monstrous, and vicious version of himself to serve as a distraction for Rapunzel. After getting captured by Rapunzel and her friends, the effects wear off and Rudiger reverts back to normal. Not long after the royal family fell for the vengeful alchemist's trap and were captured, Rudiger frees the caged Pascal, so that he could free Rapunzel and her parents. When Varian's plan crumbles and the young alchemist is arrested for his crimes against the crown, Rudiger willingly accompanies his master to prison. He sympathetically consoles Varian as the young alchemist swears to make his father proud.


  • Rudiger is a name in German which means "raccoon".
  • Rudiger made his first appearance in What the Hair?!, but his name wasn't revealed until Queen for a Day.
  • When Rapunzel encountered the friendly raccoon in The Alchemist Returns, she knew the name that Varian had given him, which suggests that Varian had introduced his pet to Rapunzel around when he was showing her the black rocks that appeared in his village.


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