The following is a layout guide for the television series wiki, Tangled: The Series Wiki.

Please note each layout and fix any edits necessary that contribute to this layout.

Layout guides

Each specific page has a layout that is required for this style. Please refer to this below.

Why do these pages need specific layouts?

In order to keep things neat and tidy on the wiki, we have a specific layout guide to keep track of the Animated television Wikis, which in case wondering is what the following wikis utilize:

All information about a the topic of the page will be able to be found with these layouts. For example, if needing to search for a certain episode under a certain category, you must refer to the bottom below, in which different capitalization of words are accounted for:

Season 1 Episodes is inaccurate, since all the episodes within the Tangled: The Series Wiki are known as Season 1 episodes, in which this is the correct format.

Any layout that isn't correct?

Contact Andi Cruz (Sarah) on any mistakes that were made in any layout guide.