"The Quest for Varian" is the nineteenth episode in the first season of Tangled: The Series and the nineteenth overall. It first aired on December 9, 2017.


When Rapunzel investigates a cryptic message from Varian, she finds herself on the run from a group of masked men.[1]


My hair grew back...well not completely!
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  • The tower from the original Tangled movie was seen, and was destroyed in this episode.
    • When they were up in the tower, some events from the Tangled movie was mentioned including:
  • Rapunzel's birthday, was taking place a year after the events of the movie - Tangled.
  • Varian was only seen as a vision in this episode and did not appear.
  • A paper saying "Wanted" with Eugene's former thief name, Flynn Rider, was seen hanging in Varian's lab.


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